by the way if we talk about stereo, if you like jazz, I recommend Large selection of varieties of jazz

two red stripes

10 or 14

On the crossroads of Mickiewicz and Kosciuszko Streets. The tram goes from east to west at Mickiewicz Street.
This is the line 10 or 14, I could not see

something wrong ?

Probably, the coffee was not good ?

Academy of Music

Why the part of building is renovated, and other part don't, I do not know this. But this situation is for several years, so I guess ran out of money. On the other hand I don't know why started repainted of this building , the dark color fit perfectly into this building and the area.

Who likes classical music, can stand by the windows and listen, listen ......
But I just took some pictures.......I prefer jazz and rock

Academy of Music in Lodz view from the Gdanska Street

point G

Reverse camera and a photo taken under my arm.
Such a crazy experiment ;-)
I see that I must still to practice this trick, because I did not mean photographing the G point ;-))
Piotrkowska Street, Lodz

looking to the future, walking to the future....


Piotrkowska Street, Lodz

blah, blah, blah.......

sometimes we have to take part in a boring opening ;-))

mysterious phantom

someone hides behind a fountain and wants me to take a picture, but I was the first

be careful in places like this

the corner of Gdanska street and Ogrodowa street

morning shopping

The market hall in the basement.
On the straight ahead, you can buy bread and other bakery products, on the right cold cuts.
Bon appetit !