is already half of the March, but I feel like in January

These are the final photos about winter............Even if the winter will to last until May


betharr said...

a BIG smile!... Grand Finale!
I hope that your next photos will be in great mood!
Thanks for the winter shows! That was amazing!
I believe now that winter can be punishing
people, trees, animals ... ... despite being gorgeous and romantic images from the North now I can understand you, dear brother (& master).
FAV in my heart! EVER!

fabrizio said...

wonderful location and atmosphere, great

sherri said...

I can well imagine the snow will be around for a while. It's so beautiful on the pines.

Terry H. said...

It is pretty to look at but no fun to drive around in. Wonderful shots.

Paula said...

Beautiful icy blue tone to the second photo. An outstanding conclusion to your winter series. :)