Sunday morning

2010-08-29     Sunday morning - Zachodnia Street, Lodz

green and red

2010-08-26     green and red - Kiliński Street, Lodz

waiting for the tram

2010-08-23     waiting for the tram - Zachodnia Street, Lodz

Brazilian colors

2010-08-21     Brazilian colors I know, I know there is no blue, but and so this picture of nature associate me with Brazilian colors :-)

looks around and shots

2010-08-17     looks around and shots - Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz

looking up

2010-08-16     looking up - Moniuszko Street, Lodz

where is Mr. Claude Monet ?

2010-08-12     where is Mr. Claude Monet ? - Poniatowski Park, Lodz

each goes his own way

2010-08-11     each goes his own way - Piotrkowska Street, Lodz