the way to work, and around us the beautiful global warming

Do you remember the 29 November and the first attack ?
Well, so since then it is frost and snow :-(
the global warming it's a bullshit


My friend in the seventies and eighties.
From time to time, I will continue this series. - FED 2

The Classic Camera - FED 2


Officially, this album was released in 1977.
I bought this album in 1979, and I have it since.
Well, currently, I don't listen this album every day, but sometimes I put it on a turntable......and then the energy and enthusiasm of young years return ;-)
Of course, in those years, this album could not be bought officially in a music store in Poland.
I bought it on the market, as well as many other albums. Popular was also exchange of albums.
These were Strange Days, like Morrison sang, although this is not any of albums of The Doors ;-)