I Can't See Your Face In My Mind


Otto K. said...

I like all the layers here.

LD said...

Cool. Reminds me of a David Hockney painting

NYC In Photographs said...

Very nice shot! I love the reds from the window. Great textures as well!

RobertB said...

I agree...all the layers make for a fine abstract image.

Andreas said...

Difficult to imagine at the first view what it is. I like these photos.

Leovi said...

Beautiful composition with a very suggestive frame and different lights

fabrizio said...

interesting result, nice work

Frans said...

Interesting composition!

betharr said...

I guess that is part of the academy back
but it does not matter
and yes, the image subjected to the treatment.
I can also see the layers (your work).
That is interesting: how you captured the two spaces outside of the building.

"the inner and outer"

betharr said...

I try to change 'ainda2' template
using others (download from
Btemplate)but they did not please me ;-((((

Can I be indiscreet? Can I ask you
what is the template you are using (NOW)?
This is more appropriate than any I've ever seen.

How can you help me?
Well I promisse never use the same background color, OK?
Just show me the way, pls!