too many balls

2010-08-28     too many balls


DomLortha said...

So funny view! I like this!
Have a nice day.

NYC In Photographs said...

Haha, I use to play tennis when I was younger and picking up all of the balls was the worst.

Tolga said...


Anonymous said...

- very elegant sport to woman (and man)
- they are learn/training, I suppose
- well! 'a great' monochrome work
whose result is really 'excellent'
- I like to participate
this game I mean sharing interfered photos :-)
- the frame is also special
- one champion in this sport in Poland? this is not a provocation :-)))))))))

Anonymous said...

why not...
fotonomy... YES IM there
flickr idem
picnook idem
facebook idem =>!/album.php?aid=193109&id=754340938&ref=mf
... but to my blog I send the best photos

Anonymous said...

aminus3 looks nice!
IM tired about 'comments'
Being alone is not good
but follow a crowd...
I do not know. I'm concentrating on a few people. that's all.

T. Becque said...

Funny! I remember the same from softball as a kid.

bk said...

Oh, someone needs a bit more practice... Nice scene! Gave me quite a bit of a chuckle!

yz said...

funny with all those balls