2010-08-27     thoughtfulness


30065 - Javier Martín said...

great!!! nobody looks nobody. I like it!!!

NYC In Photographs said...

This is a great shot! I like the expression the girl on the right has. It almost seems as though she is lost in her own mind.

DomLortha said...

I like the expression of little sadness of the girl, and the big ad "manufaktura" in the back; a good street pic!
Have a nice day.

paolo said...

looks like the avoid each other while the billboard suggest the opposite.

Anonymous said...

- same fashion we are using here
on this hot August.
this is a scandle you could say, F!
- love the title. i learn more about human being when you describe your thought
- magnificent light on teen. she really is in herself.
- the other is a little more relaxed. very pretty both.
busy with their own thoughts.
- they do not know each other
and you catched it very well
as always.
- the painel over there is
so apropriated.
manufaktura => manufatura em Port.:-)

bk said...

She does not look very happy; what do you reckon she is thinking about?

Very well seen and captured, sunlight and shadow really to complement the to girls coming from different direction nicely!