on the right side


Christophe said...

Bel instantané de vie !

Paula said...

I like the drama in this photo. One simply must wonder what they're watching.

Lachezar said...

An amazing capture of different people and their own state of mind.
Perfect light and colour that enhance the mood of the image!

Ilse said...

I agree with the others. Great shot. TReally captures the mood.

Kala said...

Nice mood you've created with this image.

MQPhoto said...

Oh great eye on this one, what do they wait for or watching?

gentse koppen said...


sherri said...

Looks very solemn.

Anonymous said...

I have the sensation that you interfered a lot in this picture.
IM crazy with it. From where the light come in?
:-))) sorry! my sense of humor is a litlle uncontrolled.
I have not read the previous comments
because this could lead my thoughts.
My thoughts are telling me
they are viewing a theatrical Greek under the strong solar light.

My interpretation... just! :-)
thx a lot for your warm comment!