where he is ?

opening exhibition of textile art


Leo said...

He went to the bathroom.

Frank de Jol said...


sherri said...

Looks like a lot of anticipation in this crowd. Love the brilliant colors in the artwork.

Los Angeles Suburbia Daily Photo said...

LOL, yes the anticipation is evident. I like the woman on the right...peeking, expectantly.

Great capture of mood and life.

ainda2 said...

your template is excellent now!
amazing how you make experience in it!
sincerely?... IM proud (& envious ;-)
Do not change anymore!
I liked the frame on yours photos.
I liked the theme
and the place where you 'work'.
Catch the human being... their behavior,
facial expressions... the most interesting action to do.
allways... fav!

John Maslowski said...

One can sense the intense mood and atmosphere in this photo. Excellent capture, interesting to look at each person in this image.