clash city rockers


fabrizio said...

perfect level of white, simple subject but so interesting in presentation because not easy in composition, great result

DomLortha said...

Yesss! Really good!
Have a nice day.

Otto K. said...

seems like they are doing battle. very nice B&W.

betharr said...

adorei a nova aparencia do blog, Fwolf!
bom gosto! requintado olhar!
eu quero um igual :-)))
em Português... ainda me recuperando
da LONGA viagem para dentro das Americas: a Central e a do Norte.

Elegant B&W. FAV.
You've done a special transformation while I was 'out'.
Eu gosto muito de tudo o que eu vejo aqui.

plópez said...

cool design of your photoblog...and cool photo, reminds me the fight of the alien against Ripley, wrapped in the robot suit.


Erik said...

Fighting, are they? Great silvery b/w.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

I love to shoot large equipment like some metal dinosaur. Well executed, Frank.


angelcel said...

How have you managed to make heavy machinery look so attractive?! :D

Turnbill said...

Nice processing on this and love the composition. Almost looks like the arm is connected to both machines.