wintry people


Martina Egli said...

I like the street lights in this image and the group of people. Where are they all going? Images that evoke questions and tales are very intriguing.

Fritsch said...

I prefer the warm coffee inside in these cold nights. A blurry beauty, a rough street frame, Frank! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

Krunal said...

superb, love this shot

NYC In Photographs said...

Looks bitter and cold. Wonderful mood you have captured here!

Lúcia said...

Cool shot!
There's a misterious atmosphere on it...

Otto K. said...

nice feel to this evening image.

Anonymous said...

but the Happy Hour is possible :-)
it's is so hopeful to see people on this arid environment.
is showning the human force, Frank.
relevance, strong spirit, a constant struggle.
very easy for me to say, is not it?

tropical temperature
and all that it implies
tkx nature
tkx ancestors.

fight, F
by a little more time.