Highway to Hell


betharr said...

a typical American's title movie.
such a nowhere (Midwest, folk music and 'why not' nostalgic feeling)to be there for a moment.
hell is the immaterial place where I can be a few times in my life.
well this image accordingly with the title is raising something philosophical :-)
about the photo: great angle and processing.

Rue Du Lavoir said...

"I'm on the Highway to Hell!
On the Highway to Hell
I'm on the Highway to Hell
On the Highway to...
Highway to Hell
(I'm on the highway to Hell)
Highway to Hell
Highway to Hell
Highway to Hell
Highway To Hell
And i'm going down
On the Highway to Hell"

Cool !
Magnifique traitement qui rend cette photo très nostalgique...

Tom said...

Great treatment. Works really well.

Kala said...

Terrific tones and texture.

Regina K said...

I like this black and white photo. Excellent! I also like the setup of your blog.

b.c. said...

i like this, has a nice aged look and feel