going into the future


yz said...

cool perspective

Fritsch said...

The walk into the the future. The walk of life. Leaving something behind opens a new door. Always & evevrywhere. Very good & very philosphical & very excellent, my friend!

All the best & safe travels. Fritsch.

mauropucci said...

Semplicemente fantastica!

fabrizio said...

creative and clever result

betharr said...

intriguing panel. I like the aliens wandering aimlessly.
'I don't know where I come from. I don't know to where IM going'.
the image will become powered (moving the mouse over it).
your blog grows in art and good taste. BRAVO!

Sharon said...

Looking at the past few days of posts, Frank, you have added some great photographs - love the buildings and street scenes. But I decided to comment on this shot as I think you have a wonderful gift for making art by photographing art.