admiring the new sculpture

author says that this is the finished work, but I dono't know what to think about it ?
but this is his idea and concept, and we must have to respect that
and one more thing, our ideas and works also not everyone likes, but no one nobody hurt through the arts


Beth Arr from São Paulo said...

is that in wood material?
if yes... the autor didn't work hardly to do it.
no offense but the imperative of art is the sublimation.
without judgment I ask: is it art? what is art? what is the purpose of art? this art piece is telling me something?
I like the interest of the public
and your considerations about the subject.

b.c. said...

looks like a fantastical marine creature....

nice series, i like the soft tones and color

DomLOrtha said...

An alien? a hand? Strange one!
Have a nice day.