searching for spring, we found the train ;-)


30065 - Javier Martin said...

I love this series!!! Really great photographs here!!! Congratulations!!!

BethArr said...

is seems so wild. I could not imagine something like that.
dry, devoid of life, despite the arid vegetation and because of it.
Yes, the aftermath of winter. the pictures tell about the process of rebirth. the resuscitation.
I do not enjoy the Springtime and I know it's so incomprehensible for a Northen man to understand that. Summer and Autumn are my favorite :-)
the first and the fourth are special.
I admit that: is nice to walk on this place after months of confinement.
I'm glad you're doing it now :-)

fabrizio said...

interesting place, wonderful details

moncat said...

very good pictures and a fine description series. The first is excellent, good framing and a natural frame.

Anonymous said...


DomLOrtha said...

Great serie which really tells a story. Well seen!
Have a nice day.