Beth Arr from São Paulo said...

absolutely well composed ​​that scene valued by B&W way.
see through twice. two scenes.
both totally unrelated and you have done one of your best clic I've seen here.

Ken Mac said...

a fated meeting

b.c. said...

amazing i love it!

betharr said...

I am seeing your photo perfectely in this moment
also mines you know
from Opera album and all blogs
(in which we posted photos hested at Op)
I hope the problem does not exist anymore there.

betharr said...

F, sorry for my neglect.
this photo is in flickr.
also the previous.then...
of course im seeing.

george said...

A superbly balanced image.

DomLOrtha said...

Fantastic! What a clever way to compose this picture! GReat!!!
Have a nice day.