Academy of Fine Arts - students works


sherri said...

I wouldn't have guessed an art school/gallery. Interesting how the center image breaks completely away from the color scheme. I like the leaves in the forefront of and the roughness of the stairs.

F said...

F! lucky man!
when the weather is too bad out
you can be in... this place is like a home to you, is not it?
I love to think like that. You,
the observer! the fancier!
In this art scene
I can see your presence!
...and this is one of the best
you showed.
the art works are floating
between the cement and the green vegetation (the representation, perhaps?).
The highest rating for this
in particular for the theme!

Paula said...

Lights and darks, warm and cool. Very striking.

Faisal said...

vivid colours ! loving this.

AB said...

Vibrant colours!

yz said...

love those green leaves in the bottom right corner, looks like they're part of the exhibition