calmness of morning


fabrizio said...

I understand that it is the calm before the chaos!!!!!

Paula said...

Would be nice to begin the day in this bright corridor.

sherri said...

Really nice lines intersecting. I like the reflection from one wall to another.

Baba said...

parece que la galería este abierta solo para ti.
un claro-oscuro perfecto, jugando con el color de las paredes.
los reflejos de la parte opuesta, maravillosos y el punto de fuga enmarcado al fondo, sensacional...
una foto de primer premio en una exposición !!!

FS said...

FS, one of your favorite place, is not it? where are the students? on vacation, maybe?
Very interesting reflection on the glass (right).
Is this a picture previously thought? or was it random?
Perspective in art... it is present in our brain. We evaluated that unconsciously.
...and again... describe your intention to shoot it. Instinctive?!?
walking to the door over there and find other spaces.
precious red!!!