standing on intersection and looking up 2

Intersection of Piotrkowska Street and Próchnik Street.
Looking to the west, on the right.


Pierre said...

Un bel immeuble bien mis en valeur sur ce fond bleu.

fabrizio said...

perfect angle of vieux

NYC In Photographs said...

Lovely architectural shot!

ainda2 said...

- smart photo!
- mathematically presented
- eyes wander from the center outwards
and look up! gorgeous dome!!!
- it seams so preserved!
- belissímo céu azul!!!

T. Becque said...

This is nice with all the lines and then the blue!

Ken Mac said...

a beautiful corner

Paula said...

Absolutely elegant. I wonder if they're as beautiful on the inside.
(and that cloud is delightful)

sherri said...

I like how you captured it from the corner.

Otto said...

nice. when I stand on the nearest intersection to me, I don't have such an interesting view.