standing on intersection and looking up 3

Intersection of Piotrkowska Street and Próchnik Street.
Looking to the east, on the left.

I will not to show you the fourth corner of this intersection (looking east on the right), because it's not interesting ;-)


fabrizio said...

great contrast and and light

Pierre said...

Il y a de magnifiques façades. Très beau.

Leo said...

The fourth corner not interesting?? Now you have peeked our curiosity. This is an interesting and pensive photo.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine what isn't interesting on the fourth corner :-))
...but how elegant is this building!!!
love this 'ancian' architecture!
first class!
colours and light! the best!!!

sherri said...

A very ornate structure. Looks like it would be fun to explore without someone watching over your shoulder:-) I'm sure that would go over really well:-)

Paula said...

Wonderful color in the sunlight; this has been a very interesting interesection. But now I'm also curious as to what you find so uninteresting about the fourth corner.

Kala said...

Beautiful light on this splendid looking building.

Frau G said...

Diese Bilder sind so wunderbar.