mysterious, white streak


betharr said...

blues in blue!?

- everything in motion -
cosmic events and the emotional turmoil

that's what this image says to me, F.

in the blue immensity
the certainty of
the light,
the movement
the active life
that's apparently in the immovable things.

Beat said...

fantastic composition with the perfect title.

DomLortha said...

Space invasion? Scene of war from CNN? Cool shot!
Have a nice day.

Otto K. said...

maybe it's an ufo. :) nice atmosphere here.

NYC In Photographs said...

Like something from a foggy dream. Great mood in this shot!

Have a good weekend!

T. Becque said...

And it lends itself to the atmosphere of the photo so well too. Intriguing.

Krunal said...

lovely, is that a plane?

fabrizio said...

absolutely clever presentation