painting in white


Martina Egli said...

I love the movement and the earthy tones incredibly - what a great image!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful processing..

betharr said...

art (photography) that expresses the other art.
excellent, Filho do Sol!

love the blurred, here.
love how her clothes seems to be dirty ( maybe ink).
love the athmosphere (heaven).
it satisfies my senses:>
smell and touch.
that make me happy! thx for share.

I'd like to know what you think about this image.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

Wonderful effect in these, Frank. The painter looks to have been painted on the shot herself.


30065 - Javier Martín said...

Great flow and composition!

Otto K. said...

I like this vision of the artist at work.

mARTina said...

the photo itself looks like a painted picture. the painter is very focused at work and the many other pictures and items in the room through the blur much color in the mood.
i like it!

kendall said...

The softness overall -- in the photo and the paintings within the photo -- make this somewhat of a 'gestural' photo. It works quite well.

I'm glad I can't see the painter's face because it would distract from the overall subject. It's about painting, not the painter. Well done!

george said...

A really intriguing image with wonderful composition and diffusion.

DomLOrtha said...

I like the blur effect and the composition you choosed here.
Have a ncie day.

elena said...

good work! thank for your visit. I find this picture fantastic!