Atlas Arena


30065 - Javier Martín said...

Very great photo. The composition are amazing and BW is perfect. Congrats!

Beat said...

amazing perspective and framing. fits very well in b&w

betharr said...

two strong names (Atlas Arena)
for sports I think or maybe a big space to arena theater?!?
all I know about Polish education is: it has strong pillars in art.
More art than exact disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc)
is that true, Frank?
I agree, essential elements for a good B & W. Straight and curved,
vertical and horizontal,
and, especially, we can imagine what goes on inside.
gourgeous layout!;-)

Paula said...

Nice contrast between the delicacy of the branches and the heavy structure.
Very somber before (or after) the crowds.

Doug Hickok said...

Sharp eye to see the simplicity of the controlled curving roof line and the chaos of the tree branches.

DomLortha said...

Like a giant space saucer! Ashtoning building!
Have a nice day.