Le Tour


betharr said...

it's time to go out!
the 'life' is coming back
and I have a certain idea
you will do much nice Lodz Chiaroscuro.
i love the whole scene
it appeals to my senses.

mARTina said...

He is younger. He is faster. But she has personality and knowledge.

Ralf said...

My first thought: he tried to steal her bag. She was stronger... :-)

Martina Egli said...

What an intriguing image, it makes my smile! I like Ralfs story :)

Niels said...

I like the movement of the cyclist and the old lady walking out in the opposite direction. Well done.

Fritsch said...

Always on the run. Always on the road. Sometimes behind. Sometimes in front. Always in black. Always in white. Great toning, brilliant frame!

All the best & safe travels,