Deutsche Bank and Orange

Piotrkowska Street, Lodz


betharr said...

another interesting presentation.
an unusual view.

what an old way of transporting people
but thoroughly modern in its intention to protect the planet (5 wheels).

a real & significant shot of street.
all here amazed me. photo HQ :-)

AB said...

This might be entitled Deutsche Bank and Orange, but it is the man in the rickshaw that grabs my attention. Was he trying to shield his face from the camera?

DomLOrtha said...

Funny situatin: the driver has gone away!! Well seen!
Have a nice day.

[Gm] said...


What do you call that tricycle? In my home country, we call it Becak...

Frank de Jol said...

Answers to all your questions:

1. This is just an illusion, that there are one vehicle. It are two, just so strangely are set.
2. It calls ryksza or riksza, as you want;-)
3. Yeah, I think he trying to shield face from my camera. Well, it happens ;-)
4. Personally, I don't like these vehicles on the streets.

Pedro R Garcia Jodar said...

It reflects the situation where the bank is in these times of economic crisis. Regards.