Let's go together through the life, let's go together hand in hand, let's go together in name of love

seen at Tuwim Street, Lodz


b.c. said...

i like how you can also see the cobblestone street and cars and shops, such a nice caption too, yes lets go... :))

Otto K. said...

nice city shot, I like having the two couples holding hands in the shot.

Stefanie said...

It's nice in Lodz!

betharr said...

is the lover's day there? :-)
dynamic movement through the city streets. cool.
adorable as they walk synchronously.
one more elegant presentation (template)
another streetphotography that I like so much.

DomLOrtha said...

Well seen again: I like the discret blue roadsigns, they indicate the direction that the lovers are following. Nice!
Have a nice day.

30065 - Javier Martín said...

Is so great photo!