black crows in the tangle of branches

Hightide Blues - Black Crows


Filha do Sol said...

F, what a light on the first!!!!!!
I try imagine your position in the click's momen! such as the second!
Both them, my FAV
On the second a little saturation
gives it a fantastic atmosphere
included an alone crow.
Edgar Alan Poe... my memory for him right now and my inspiration to my next!

A fine post: photography,
literature, B&W, and this cool music!

Bravo! I see you tried to take picture in the begin of the winter time.

in the present day take care of yourself
and also the cam!

PS: a final interpretation:
all the black lines crisscrossing
snow crow
you know
time to descend....
the return is coming!

Frank de Jol said...

That is precisely the light in the winter when there is no sun.
Pictures were taken at noon.
It's really sad and gloomy when there is no sun :-(((