how a mood, such a music

and now smile :-)))))))


Filha do Sol said...

:-)))))))))))))))))) for F
Hi! IM so glad to see youuuuu!!!

How the expressive eyes!
A glorious self portrait!
Not so much of your hair but it's
nice to observe the face and to imagine
what you DO try to show!
I saw the soul because light & shadow, B&W always remember me
the existencial theme movie director like Bergman... "Persona"...
sorry!... this is me with my
little knowledge about cinema!
Filho do Sol
IM in transit you know that
then my visit here will be rarely.
Understand me?!?
A normal 'conection' in a couple of days.
Have a nice days!
Don't stop to post, pls!

fabrizio said...

wonderful close-up in a fantastic tones

FS said...

...and this music...:-)))))))
IM hear this just now...
experimental music? :-)))
why & what is this?

Frank de Jol said...

.....Just experimental music.
I like to experiment ;-)))