People, car and empty benches in the park

Today, instead of music, a little poetry ;-)

Another world around us
This well or bad?
I guess what answer you,
and you know what I think about it
hahahaha ..... The world around us


Inny świat wokół nas
Dobrze to, czy żle?
Domyślam się co odpowiesz Ty,
a Ty wiesz, co myślę na ten temat ja
hahahaha.....Świat wokół nas


Filha do Sol said...

I'll provide you the images that will keep your euforic heart in colorful rhythm... the sounds you provide, OK!!!

Your images calm down my soul&body. This is good!... They illustrate the global diversity.
I know it
"a Ty wiesz, co myślę na ten temat ja"
it's unfair!...only one sunny month
a year!
This is terrible for people like you!

Nothing to DO...
and live the best as possible.

IM in RP! don't stop your posting, OK? neither your poem :-))))

FS said...

these three images give me the real situation
where you live
also all previous

Thx a lot!
for your friendship
for show me a person who are

and desires as year-end :-)
you will have a beautiful next summer solstice