from the shadows to the sun


Doug Hickok said...

Indeed, the strong sunlight rendered the building almost into a high-key ghost of itself. Very cool!

mARTina said...

that could be directly set in my city of Berlin. I like your pictures very street, they give me a feeling like you have a moment in my life and not in your photographs.

Ralf said...

Strong composition. I think this picture only works in b&w.

Anonymous said...

what a magnificent view! ;-))
beautifully captured the magic moment!
I'm feeling the hot solar energy!
the visual spectacle and bodily sensation, yes! synesthetic!
no rational thought for your click
just look and be happy too.
welcome beloved sun ;-)))

Niels said...

Nice! I like high contrast B/W photos like this.

Krunal said...

the contrast is superb here