what's new on the noticeboard ?


saopaulo chiaroscuro said...

I have it in the cinema hall.
certainly she is checking the schedules of courses, exhibitions, scraps, etc.
pleasant environment there
and of course the strong colors on the left attract the eyes.

the discovered brick wall
is something which I feel good.
an image that gives pleasure ;-)

Sharon Van Lieu said...

Wonderful shot, Frank. The vibrant colors on the left or great but I am most drawn to her expectant stance.


mARTina said...

we would like to know what they read there. The colored circles are left in the window first. they look like motion blur.

Ralf said...

Hahaha... :-)

Martina Egli said...

I love the colours in this image a lot, her pose and eager look really express the air of expectancy!