left-handed painter


Martina Egli said...

I love the beautiful lighting in this image. The perspective and the treatment give it a very intimate atmosphere - I like it very much!

betharr said...

incredible! FT (our style) time is over.
how you've grown, F! and for the better.
I learned to love image like that with you.
and I am grateful that you have shown me them here and in N/S. :-)
left hand ... right side brain.
what is he/she painting?
I would like to see it finished.

Fritsch said...

You are a treasure hunter, Frank. Digging deeper & deeper. Such an intimate feel to this one. It's like holdung the breath to not disturb a creative process we all know so well. Beautiful!

All the best & safe travels,

mARTina said...

It even looks like a painting. I like the reduction to the most important. It is pleasantly familiar and beautiful.

Kala said...

Gorgeous light and processing. Has an ethereal feel about it.

george said...

Kala's summed it up so well "Ethereal" is the word that describes this delicate and inspirational image.

Otto K. said...

wonderful processing to create a magical result.

DomLortha said...

The painter in motion with a great process. Nice shot.
Have a nice day.