The House of the Shoe

On the junction of Tuwim Street (looking straight) and Piotrkowska Street (across). This building is called The House of the Shoe (Dom Buta), build in 1892. Nowadays for many years it is empty, I don't know why.


Doug Hickok said...

With such big widows, it could be a wonderful art studio. What a great venue! Your black and white image is gorgeous.

BethArr said...

firstly: love so much this layout (big size)
second: love all B&W you show us
Thirdly: love the scene and theme
what a beautiful architecture under the sunlight!
a treasure between of modern style (as happens here)
very well captured the shadow on the right.
great balance of light and shadow.
dynamic streets.
exactly as you said ... removal of cars ... to go backwards.

Bitter End said...


Paula said...

Too bad there wasn't a street photographer to capture this corner when the building was new. The street scene must have been very interesting then as well! Great shot.

viks said...

beautiful B&W processing to capture this street scene. architecture looks good too.