where is the front and where is the back?

exhibition of textile art


30065 - Javier Martín said...

Excellent composition. I like it!

Birdman said...

who cares. I just like this image.

Paula said...

Nice contrast in the photo — really brings out the texture.
She is behind the textile, so this must be the front. ;)

betharr said...

maybe preparing the expo?..
or not. just a visitor.
IM imagining the colour of the
tapestry. hahahaha...joke!
she is checking the information made
so what I see is the front :-)

Fritsch said...

Or just asking: Where to start & where to end. Graphical minimalism at perfection, my friend. Great!

All the best & safe travels,

gentse koppen said...

One wonders what one can do behind those curtains. Take a shower? Vote? Both?
The strong graphics make this photograph stand out.
Keep up the good work,

Ryan Sexton said...

Great composition, I like how this shot play with your eyes.

AB said...

The hidden face makes everything a bit mysterious and interesting.