In the past sweat, toil and blood, now the center of recreation and entertainment. What a change !!!

The construction of Poznanski's industrial empire began in 1872.
The most splendid building is the spinning mill situated along Ogrodowa Street, built between 1876 and 1878. In this photo you can see it from the other party.
Apart from industrial buildings, the complex contains: the Poznanski family residence, a factory office, homes of workers, as well as a school and hospital. Yeah, it really was an empire, and such self-contained complexes of Lodz, there were several. Each belonged to another family.
After World War II have been nationalized and was national factories. In the nineties, all started to fall, and really not much of it remained.
This former industrial complex has been revitalised in 2005 and now houses the 'Manufaktura', commercial, entertainment and cultural centre.
In the past sweat, toil and blood, now the center of recreation and entertainment. What a change !!!
You know, I published and I'll publish a lot of photos of this place, but now it's a really cool place for relax in the city ;-))


BethArr said...

yes! how much of 'Manufaktura' I still know, Franf! all details (on ppppppphotos) and now its
entire. so nice to watch the life there.
Of course your explanation gave me a greater understanding of Lodz and about you. thx, solar brother.
but that takes photographic 'sounds'
the old place preserved and offered to new generations ...
a promising era of peace. NOW!!!
love this publication :-)

Otto K. said...

fine wide shot in the city. I like the placement of the large tram in the scene.

Paula said...

Nice to see the full building and the street in front. It's a beautiful scene and an interesting history. Great post!

Pierre said...

Des informations intéressante accompagne cette belle image de la ville.

DomLOrtha said...

LOve this building! Amazing!
Have a nice day.

george said...

A majestic image that does justice to the subject with great depth and lovely empty space.

Philo said...

I really like the composition and the tones of this one. This scene is a little drama!
Ciao Frank!

Sharon Van Lieu said...

What a great building. I like this shot, Frank. You must have a very wide lens! The warm colors and strong lines make for a very skillful composition.