one man and many cars

Bazarowa Street, Lodz


DomLOrtha said...

Alone in the street... Nice BW and grey tones gives the mood.
Have a nice day.

Leo said...

Let's hope he is not up to any mischief!

Sharon Van Lieu said...

I really like this shot, Frank, and I think it would be hard to pull off. It reminds me in a way of how Stephen Shore pulls together his compositions - so simple and yet complex. Your styles are very different but I think your compositional eyes are complementary.

Excellent shot!


betharr said...

many details...
I love it so much!!!all the composition and monochrome here.
an atmosphere a little melancholy
but it is the life.

Fritsch said...

It's hard not getting lost in a jungle of cars & concrete. Amazing feel of lonesomeness to this great monochrome frame, my friend!

All the best & safe travels,