10 or 14

On the crossroads of Mickiewicz and Kosciuszko Streets. The tram goes from east to west at Mickiewicz Street.
This is the line 10 or 14, I could not see


Anonymous said...

I like this shot!

Anonymous said...

what I really like is: many trees on the right
and the moment you took: the gap between the cars revealing the city over there.
but the main thing is the people inside the train (this I yet can not get).
yes, it'a an to watch adventure to watch a Polish city throgh of your lenses when IM
listening to the 2014 Cup draw (on TV just now) :-))

Sharon said...

Nicely done, Frank. Interesting that the people aren't looking out the windows. They must be listening to the person turned around.


Sérgio Pontes said...

Nice shot =)

DomLOrtha said...

Love the colors of this one. Well done!
Have a nice day.