Academy of Music

Why the part of building is renovated, and other part don't, I do not know this. But this situation is for several years, so I guess ran out of money. On the other hand I don't know why started repainted of this building , the dark color fit perfectly into this building and the area.

Who likes classical music, can stand by the windows and listen, listen ......
But I just took some pictures.......I prefer jazz and rock

Academy of Music in Lodz view from the Gdanska Street


Anonymous said...

You are right, they mix pretty well together
Nice one!

Anonymous said...

the style that I really like.
the elegant European world often imitated.
classical music ... I'm listening to this :-) but...
jazz YES the best.

the confrontation yellow/brown (light and dark in color)
is good for the senses.

Doug Hickok said...

I love the textured and colorful architectural detailing.

Sharon said...

This is a beautiful building. The architecture is so attractive - I imagine the rooms are full of light.


DomLortha said...

Very beautiful architecture, nicely caught!
Have a nice day.