bikers on Piotrkowska street


betharr said...

about noon?!?
well you know how I like the monochrome.
and this theme ... freedom,
wind in the face, movement.10.
the first is my favorite.
the strong contrast of dark and bright is the pearl.
it's Sunday. then all is dispensed that domestic obligation.
living jewelry of the moment.
Highlights: the pavement favorable for the ride. more to the nice photos :-))

Anonymous said...

The top one with the girl is perfect!

Ken Mac said...

that could be COpenhagen

Sharon said...

I like the first also, but the second is my favorite. I like the angle of his face and that he is turned away from the camera. I like the stop-motion feel of the first and the number 10 above the woman.


DomLOrtha said...

NIce idea for this serie. Thre good BW.
Have a nice day.