where am I and what am I doing here ?

Lutomierska Street, Lodz


T. Becque said...

Ah, street photography. I've been intrigued by this for awhile but haven't quite got the bravado to go full force yet.

Doug Hickok said...

Yes, I often feel this way, lost and confused :^) Wonderful image of the city streets with lots of activity to see.

Anonymous said...

...in each head a unique world
in all bodies the same clouths.
hahahaha, they are wearing the same 'uniform' of the Brazilian Winter.
well your picture:
- the proportion of the bus in the city scene (it is the center of all our attention) 10 for the click
- the expression of the human body (he does not seem to be very convinced by taking the correct bus)10 for the title.
- good to see a bus station under a scorching sun
BRAVO! love all portrait of Lodz.