The last day of September at the Ogrodowa Street

Long ago I don't remember such a beautiful September. To the last day of September, people still walking in summer clothes !
Unbelievable, but true !


b.c. said...

beautiful day and beautiful shot!


Ah those late summer days, you have to love them. A nicely observed street shot with so much activity and characters captured.Perfect in mono.

BethArr said...

still SUMMER!!!
excellent img to testify it, Frank.
the sun reflecting off the metal car is very good.
I'd say ... what a wild power!
you want something and it happens! :-))
retain the best feelings
to feed the days ... necessarily come.
BW is the universal way to show BEAUTY
and you are more and more audacious in this item. YES!

DomLOrtha said...

Love the way the sun is shinig in the cars windows. Nice BW.
Have a nice day.