the tram stop


B said...

around the world ... the bags.
around the world ... ladies wearing pants.
around the world ... the bus stop / tram stop.
... people like the European in their lifestyle worthy...
this item is getting more complicated here.
lifestyle different for different countries under capitalism / socialism (that's what we live here 'capitalism/socialism': the high tax led media class to give to the poor unemployed).
understand me?
expropriate (taxes) from the media class and share with the lower class.
equality for all. you already know this maxim.
sorry! sorry! sorry!
you are my friend. I think that... sometimes you can support me, yes? :-)

a poetic sunset. the ladies will soon be in his kitchen preparing dinner.
life as the life is :-))

Ivan said...

Nice colors and atmosphere. The red light and its reflection on the bus adds a lot to the composition.

Anonymous said... you can smell the street..
The reflection of the traffic light is the icing on the cake

Martina Egli said...

Very nice colour treatment and great capture of the hustle and bustle of the city.

DomLOrtha said...

Interesting view in a nice process. What a traffic!
Have a nice day.