She is proud of its boyfriend, and he?

I love when in September is 30ºC


betharr said...

she wants to be well in the photo
(face up - the winner's position).
he is not rewarded by the light
(head down a bit).

real winner: you. B&W streetphotography!
shot from the front under the September sun.
beautiful people walking in Lodz 30°C.
It seams the Paradise!

Fritsch said...

Great, Frank! Self-confidence at it's peak. A brilliant shot! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

sherri said...

and he is looking around. maybe he doesn't want anyone else looking at her:-) neat street scene.

Ralf said...

He looks absent, miles away from her. Cool catch.

RobertB said...

She walks and looks as if she has all the confidence in the world. Great street candid.

fabrizio said...

nice presentation and interesting photo

george said...

...seems to have a passing resemblance to Brad Pitt...maybe he's looking round for Angie (Mrs Smith) with a Magnum!

Nicely observed street action.

DomLOrtha said...

Yes! I love it too! Nice BW, well balanced and composed.
have a nice day.

b.c. said...

awesome black and white, great street style too :))