Botanical Garden

1.  Botanical Garden

2.  Botanical Garden - Amarelo é o meu favorito flores
provavelmente porque sou um Filho do Sol

3.  Botanical Garden - Amarelo é o meu favorito flores
solares flores para a minha irma solar

4.  Botanical Garden


Anonymous said...

Oh, lindo presente!!! Obrigada! Uma luz amarela iluminou a tarde cinza. AMAZING! What a spectacular image! Divinal solar light on the yellow flower! Magnífico MACRO!
I am a lucky sister. You send me the sunlight in a cold & gray afternoon. Happy!
The other color... also beautiful! The journey by the Botanical Garden brought me the flower's
This could be a poem

no rhyme, no verses, no rhythm

but the intention is poetic

And a link to you visit San Francisco & others.
(I send you an @ with the same link - more informations about)

Frank de Jol said...

Yes I know this site, but the first was
On this side I walk virtually across and along of San Francisco in 2007/2008 years.
I think that is the best site about such topics.
Thanks for poem.