um homem de gravata

2.  um homem de gravata


betharr said...

Nice różni się ?!?...człowiek krawat ... odpowiedni tytuł. Solar brother, person has no problem for you ... during the clicks? they are more & more interesting. This sepia here... COOL!
and you have not answered yet: was you manipulating the cam? pls! I need to understand your action. 'TEN MINUTES ON A BENCH' :-)) you spend ten minutes... Am I right?

Frank de Jol said...

"10 minuts on the bench" - Yes, it's my new idea.
Wait patiently and capture something interesting, and especially interesting people.
Alternatively, you can to stay in one place for a certain period of time.
I will continue this action, so you'll see more photos.
Photographing people is a problem, but I try as best I can.
And thanks to you, because your photos inspired me.
What do my action to suggest you do the same. Interesting experience.
" was you manipulating the cam? " - Nothing, only click.

betharr said...

OK, estamos de acordo.
There is a combination now... I agree.
Uma foto puxa a outra.
obraz odnosi się do innego
um jogo
a game
PS:I don't know was happening with my last post.
I tried again!

Anonymous said...

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