A Midnight Clear by William Wharton

These are books that I read many times and each time I have this pleasure. Yesterday I finished reading this book for the sixth time or seven times and each time I have pleasure of reading. This is one of my favorites. I Recommend ! " The plot of this book focuses on showing fear and humiliation of people, who are not prepared to face the realities of war. It makes us realise the chaos and absurd of the situation in which they found themselves. Living in fear and constant uncertainty of tomorrow causes that after years of fighting they become nervous wrecks. And the shocking ending provokes us to think how fragile human life is." It is based on author’s experiences.

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I was searching ... I want the name of the book in Portuguese. Nothing yet!
There is a film. Did you watch it? His books are used to film's scripts. Exemplo "Birds" that I saw.
This photo is amazing! To much texture! So real!
A curisity: I know Salamandra the book's publisher. Strong presence here! Wow... a good idea! I'll consult its catalogs... may be I have luck. If you recomend it can be great to me.
The link above... I was listening to your linguage. I didn't understand nothing! :-)
FS, I've never being on an official war,
I have no recollection of this experience
but I can feel the horror, I can put me in this place(war)...
to understand the pain of people...
we are never prepared enough for the worst!