learning to drive


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! C o o l... I like your action here!
courage! hahaha... nearby! IM glad with this gift!
Quality is your name, Frank do Sol! More, pls!
k.ko Lodz 'iejczak' - what does it means? it is not translated on google. :-(

Frank de Jol said...

K. - is the first name and KOŁODZIEJCZAK is the last name, so is K.KOŁODZIEJCZAK is the owner of this car for learning to drive.
But that, in the middle of the name is an expression of " Lodz " I did not even noticed and did not return the attention. But it is interesting.;-)
You gave me the idea !
I have to do to this picture and the like tag with the name
" action direct "
and perhaps the courage? ;-)