Botanical Garden

1.  Botanical Garden

2.  Botanical Garden

3.  Botanical Garden

4.  Botanical Garden

5.  Botanical Garden

6.  Botanical Garden

7.  Botanical Garden

8.  Botanical Garden

9.  Botanical Garden

10.  Botanical Garden


Anonymous said...

Filho do Sol!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to send you ten comments.:-))
10. Botanical Garden: first my eyes are looking for the green... seeking different types of vegetation.
How beuatiful this one on the right! Second: the water! Harmoniously composed with the entire picture...and the stones...

Anonymous said...

9. Botanical Garden:
stone's upstair - this remember me a William Black's painting that is in my dream. I use to dream with upstairs... well, the photograph is such a GREEN vision! Where is the people? why this wonderful garden is empty?

Anonymous said...

8.Botanical Garden:
WOW!!! I can't breathe! amazed me!...this is the path of giants!...of natural gods?!? sorry! I start to imagine a litlle.
LINDA combination: white&green! FAV!

Frank de Jol said...

This is a normal day around 12 noon and because so few people. This is a good time to walk. It is quiet and calm.

Anonymous said...

Me too, prefer the quiet spaces. I can cancel my judges thoughts & just watched 'with' the eyes when I'am alone. Well in the days of 'take photographs' being alone is my practice because the companies do not understand my doing.
Solar brother, impressive stone stair! You gave to her majesty! It was a gift to me! many thanks.
Very good knowledge a part of Polonia through your lens.

Anonymous said...

Now my favorites: all them are the Q. But 7 & 5 Botanical Garden are emotion, poetry & a smart LOOK. AAA+ for this series! :-))))))))