Global Warming is a bullshit !!!!


FS said...

Welcome back
man bear from the Northern hemisphere :-))))))))
So nice when I saw your sign!
...but not changed there?!?...
is thawing in work process?
the global warming is a fact here:
El Niño is causing damage in Sao Paulo. Much rain all the time.
I was lucky on the beach... I had a few
mornings under 'your' father. :-))
Many photos to show you, to calm your heart.

this photo... BIG eye! the bench among the trees ...
loneliness, but a sign of life also
is present: you were there!!!
and Snow White is beautiful
is how I see from here. I appreciated so much the videos, photos and titles you criate. thx for sharing, FS! IM wating for more & more my dear brother!
FAV! 10! *****

Paula said...

Spring will be here soon, and this will be only a memory. And a very beautiful photo. :) The blue bench is perfect.

Leo said...

Sometimes it is hard to see the global warming for the snow. :)

fabrizio said...

wonderful atmosphere great photo

Rahul said...

woooh that snow looks so lovely, I like your blog, and the best blogspot template I have ever seen :)