Sunday morning (-5°C)


Leo said...

Very nice!!

Frank de Jol said...

But still cold :-(

FS said...

YOU and HE!!!!!!!!! What a meeting!!!
He is still around. Thx for share your feelings, F! What time was it?
Official time... maybe 8 a.m.
I really like to know. Answer, pls!
FAV IM so happy!

Claude said...

Il fait froid partout cette année,
mais ici le soleil ne se montre pas souvent ;)
bon dimanche

Frank de Jol said...

You were very close my solar sister, it's 8:22 a.m.
The sun is shining here and there. Only here less and temperature is lower.
It is unfair :-(

Paula said...

Fire in a cold sky. Beautiful contrast.

sherri said...

Very unusual, but we're experiencing the same temperatures as you. However, ours should be gone very soon. I can see the ice covering the trees with the sun hitting them like this. Burrr......